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Eevee of Rock City

Name: Eevee
Current age: 25
Gender: female
Height: 5’6”
Eyes: light brown
Hair: blonde
Birthday: March 1st
Sexuality: straight
Hometown: Petalburge City
Now lives in: Rock City (North East of Oldale Town, North of rout 103)
Careers: Pok’emon Trainer, Gym Leader, fashion designer & Artist
Badges: 8 of Hoenn & 3 of Unova
Favorite types: fire, electric & dark
Gym location: Rock City
Gym badge: Dawn badge
Nicknames: The Red Sash, Eevee-Chan, Storm Warrior, Yellow Wolf
Piercings: 2, one in each ear
Regions visited: Johto and Unova
Age became a Trainer: 12
Virgin: No
Boyfriend: Wallace
Enemies: Archie, Team Aqua, Shelly, Team Rocket, Petrel, Proton, Ghetsis
Heroes: Clair, Wattson, Lt. Surge, Lance, Trick Master, Blue
Crushes: Falkner, Morty, Clair, Chili, Cress
Rivals: Flannery & N
Friends: Kira, Steven Stone, Emerald, Roxanne, Josh, Bugsy, Whitney, Wattson, Wally, Mossdeep City twins, Thorne, her Pok’emon, Striaton City triplets, Lance, Juan
Favorite colors: red, blue, black, silver, magenta
Pok’eDex current count: 239
Scars or other markings: birth mark near her crotch, claw scar on her scalp from a run-in with a feral Absol, Dawn badge tattoo on her right shoulder blade

Eevee is a lefty.
She traveled to Johto to help Lance when hearing about Team Rocket’s uprise.
Eevee collects all types of Pokemon, but her favorites are fire & electric.
Her gym is not yet recognized by the League, but wishes badly it would be.
Eevee started helping other Trainers who’s Pok’emon who have been stolen because when she was just starting out as a Trainer herself, she lost 1 of her beloved Mightyenas.
She uses 4 Pok’emon during a gym challenge.
Eevee never leaves her house without wearing her signature, red scarf wrapped around her neck.
She and Wallace kept in touch after she defeated him in battle. Over the course of 2 years, they became close friends & later a couple.
Eevee traveled to Unova to collect more Pok’emon, become stronger & hopefully make more of a name for herself to become a Gym leader of the Hoenn League.
When out in the field, she will usually have 1 Pok’emon walk along with her.

Eevee and Thorne belong to me.
Kira and Josh belong to Crystal.

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